Women in Technology: Damsels With Digital Dreams

I am of the perception that the technology industry is predominately male dominated. For instance, a great number of successful technology firms such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, were founded and are run by men. As much, there are not nearly as many success stories with regard to female entrepreneurs such as that of Marissa Mayer. Women in this innovation-oriented industry have to overcome myriads of challenges. Some women in the technology industry have indeed shared their experiences with me and these personal accounts suggest that the industry presents a rather ruthless environment for women.

Swim, Never Sink

Some women provide that it is always a constant fight to stay in the game. From my own personal experiences, there is always an aura of unconscious bias ridden with misogynistic tendencies, arrogance and sexism. It is therefore rather challenging for women to realize the professional respect that they deserve to keep afloat, much less find great success in the industry and as such, many do drown.

I am a passionate technology enthusiast and professional. Success stories such as the one of Marissa Mayer should only serve to empower women to take a stronger stand towards professional growth in the technology Women in Technologyindustry. It is also important to note that gender parity in the technology industry plays an integral part in spurring creative innovations and developments more so in relation to products tailored for women. As greater consumer segmentation takes place, more companies are seeking to have their production lines meet the expectations of different sets of customers. As such, gender diversity in the workplace is now perceived as an asset. This is mainly based on the fact that it improves on creativity in the workplace. By looking back to the Mayer success story, I believe that the creative power of this CEO has served to improve on the further development of the technology industry as a whole.

Sheer determination, character and a work smart attitude is critical to move more women into the technology sector and to achieve more success stories for women in the field . Mayer has worked with a similar attitude and as such, has enabled the many talented women who have dreamed of starting a business, rising up in their company, or entering the tech field to grow into their full potential.

Technology Needs Wonder Women

Being a hub for media and entertainment, my business in Los Angeles has tapped into a market with massive potential, though operating in a rather competitive environment. I therefore pull from my own personal experience, and champion for greater women involvement in the technology industry. I challenge women in the technology industry to work harder and smarter to avoid the negativity that may tend to limit their creative talents from being fully exploited to their benefit, and ultimately the growth and profitability of the technology sector.

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